​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City. - The Relaunch of an Online Retail Giant. is one of the world’s largest online shopping hubs, with over 70,000 brands stocked and over half a billion members worldwide. It’s the 13th most frequently visited website in China, and part of the enormous Alibaba group. 

In 2012, decided to reposition themselves in the online shopping marketplace as the exclusive home of premium brands. This was a huge shift for their business, and it included a complete rebranding.

Our challenge was to demonstrate its differentiation point as a legitimate and premium marketplace for authentic products.

We were tasked with rectifying’s brand image and philosophy in conjunction with its fourth anniversary, as well as to unveil its new logo. The creative strategy for the event also had to build customer confidence in online shopping with

Additionally, the CEO of issued us a verbal challenge:

Get 1.3 billion people consumers excited for the all-new, by doing something absolutely extraordinary.

The new offered an incredible new experience for online shoppers. But how to make this about more than just a new website? We need to immerse consumers in the all-new experience, which represented a monumental shift in the world of online shopping.

We did this by bringing the virtual world of tmall into the physical world of our consumers. We created an interactive installation for media and consumers to explore the virtual world of Somewhere for guests to actually walk into the future of e-shopping.

And we built it on an unprecedented scale. Two stories high, and built across 8 retail stores, and 8 consumer-inspired living spaces.

All furnished with products available on We not only built the world of, we equipped our audiences with the digital tools they needed to share the story through traditional, social and online media.

By bringing the digital world into the real world, we showed consumers that the all new was bigger and better than ever before, and committed to the highest quality brands and products. And these consumers shared the story for us: over and over and over again.

Our event video has been viewed over 25 million times on Youku. 30000 independent Weibo posts were registered. And we received coverage on 10 television stations, and over 50 newspapers Asia wide.

This project was awarded a 2012 International Business Award (Stevie) for Best Product/Brand Launch, as well as an Asia Marketing Award for Best Digital Integration.