​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Oreo 'My Oreo Creation' Integrated Campaign.

As North American Strategy Lead for Carat on Oreo, I led an integrated agency team (including Weber Shandwick and 360i) to create 'My Oreo Creation'.  Working alongside creative, strategy and planning directors, we created one of the most successful campaigns in Mondelez history.

In 2018, we'll unveil the My Oreo Creation 2.0.

Password: oreomoc

GMC Denali Brand Video.

GMC vehicles are known for their quality, which exists in its most pure form on their flagship range, Denali. To bring this level of quality and attention to detail to life, my creative partner and I created an anthem film that united precision focused visuals with a world-first multi-channel audio soundscape, created using the sounds of the vehicle range.

This film premiered at the Detroit International Motor Show on the GMC stand, where we also created 15 additional minutes of content to speak to the full GMC range.

Please put your headphones for the full experience.

Password: GMC

IBM Watson/Internet of Things Division Launch.

With just 4 weeks notice, we were tasked with creating an interactive installation and presentation space to launch the new global headquarters of IBM's new Watson/IoT division in Munich, Germany. The kicker? We needed to do it all in a semi-completed building with no infrastructure or practical spaces.

I was inspired by the concept of perspective: how could we show Watson and the Internet of Things interconnectivity in a meaningful and easy to grasp way, at the same time drawing on the idea of Watson's ability to interpret vast amounts of data?

Through digital touchpoints and passive installations (a giant IoT light sculpture), guests made their way into a 'smart' elevator that used an RFID chip in their registration pass to offer a personal welcome. We then build a presentation space featuring an interactive 'activation' moment, as well as a host of touch points to showcase existing Watson/IoT partnerships, including Whirlpool and Airbus.

Our launch experience dominated global tech and business press, giving IBM's newest division a huge presence. In fact, all of our installations will feature in the finished space as permanent fixtures.

Under Armour Roadshow feat. Stephen Curry.

Under Armour is recognized as one of the most explosive brands in the world, dominating a previously stale marketplace with an audacious urge to challenge the status quo, and make waves in new and established markets. 

To build momentum for Under Armour Basketball in Asia and connect fans to one of the games true superstars, Under Armour embarked on their largest ever public brand experience, taking reigning NBA Champion and MVP Stephen Curry (as well as Under Armour Founder and CEO Kevin Plank) on a whirlwind tour across three countries and five cities in five days: Tokyo, Manila, Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai. And not only was Asia treated to an extravagant roadshow, they also got a world first sneak peak at the highly anticipated 'Curry Two', Stephen Curry's signature new show from Under Armour. 

Part concert tour, part training camp, the UA Roadshow feat. Stephen Curry mixed skills clinics with genuine creative showmanship to bring Asia their first taste of UA Basketball, and the power of the SC30 brand. Completely socially led, this campaign touched millions of fans and impacted billions of onlookers across all major social and real world media, having a real impact not just in Asia, but in North America as well.

We oversaw all creative and design for the project, helping craft 20 individual brand experiences that remained impactful and exciting for not just our audience, but for our star, who was constantly experiencing new moments and interactions. We also helped plan and execute social posts and content distribution, as well as working to set and measure goals for the tour. Here are just some of the results:

  • Set new high water marks for impressions and shares across all Under Armour social media channels (across Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Weibo and WeChat)
  • Accrued over 1 million new fans for Under Armour and UA Basketball across Instagram, Twitter and WeChat in just 5 days
  • Exceeded retail sales targets by 74%, with over 90% sell through on Curry Two in just 3 days
  • 60,000 participants across three countries
  • 1.6 Billion Global Social Impressions
  • 4 Billion Global Media Impressions
  • Dominated the conversation around basketball in Asia, eclipsing Nike’s LeBron ‘Rise’ tour, which was in market at the same time

Password: jackawards


(Pre) Launching the Porsche Macan in China.

Engaging China’s most fickle consumer audience with a world first technology experience.

To build anticipation of the all-new Porsche Macan before it’s grand launch, we created the world’s first automotive Oculus Rift experience, bringing to life the feeling behind the new car’s launch platform ‘Life, Intensified’. This breathtaking experience was housed in a cutting edge installation that was deliberately positioned where we knew the target audiences had down time: shopping malls, as they waited for cinema sessions to begin.

We identified virtual reality technology Oculus Rift as the perfect tool to bring the car’s vibrant spirit and philosophy to life; additionally,  the technology was a honey pot for our experience hungry consumers. To develop the experience, we partnered with leading video game developers, environmental designers and an orchestra to create totally unique content, in the process redefining what was possible in terms of content development for the platform.

We took our experience on the road to five cities across China in just under six weeks.

During this time, we generated 19 million + social impressions with zero media support; we generated 1700 ‘hot’ sales leads; we increased foot traffic into targeted dealerships, and (amazingly) we sold 150+ Macans before the car had launched. This was an extra bonus for Porsche, who had expected zero sales from our program.

To this day, our Oculus Rift experience lives on as a point of sale tool in Porsche dealerships across China.

View the video here. Password: jack

Celebrating 50 Years of the Porsche 911.

Porsche wanted to use the 50th anniversary of their iconic 911 to help raise awareness of the cars history, and to help instill a sports car culture in China. We created a through the line campaign that drove awareness of the milestone digitally, driving online audiences to share the 911's story to win tickets to an unprecedented birthday party.

For the final step, we created the Party of the Year for the 911, culminating in an incredible mapped projection on the most sacred building in the Forbidden City: the Temple of Ancestral Worship.

Our live experience was then shared online, receiving over 3 million views, and generating over RMB400 Million worth of exposure for the brand.

The event was named by influential premium marketing website as one of the 10 Best Events in China in 2013.

The Launch of the Porsche Boxster.

For the first time since 1996, Porsche was introducing an all-new Boxster to the market – a market where the Boxster has enjoyed year-on-year growth. For the launch of this new car, Porsche wanted to appeal to a younger, more style conscious audience – in other words, the people who purchase and covet the Boxster.

We began by looking not at the car, but the types of men and women who own (or wish to own) the car. Boxster drivers tend to be young and style conscious, with packed social calendars: they are on the go day and night, not only to see but also to be seen. Our research indicated that unlike many other global markets, Boxster owners in China are mainly worried about the brand and exterior design of their car, and less concerned with the driving experience or new technologies it contains.

This gave us our key insight: when buying a Boxster in China, the consumer is not only buying a car, they are buying the image and lifestyle that goes along with the car.

Our launch experience consisted of three audiences: media, dealers, and potential point of sales consumers – in total, 1700 people over 11 days.

Guests were equipped with personalised QR codes that enabled them to capture additional information as well as share their learning through social networks, and across a closed dealer network for guests at the event. These QR codes also enabled us to collect vast amounts of specific data for post experience measurement.

For our launch experience, guests entered a small box through a tunnel, with music pulsing to build the excitement. Once inside, they found themselves surrounded by a 270 degree projection screen where we showcased a short, powerful film that defined the Boxster lifestyle.

Following this, there was an interactive design and technology workshop that ended with the CEO of Porsche personally thanking guests for attending.

The guests thought the night was ending, as they had already been introduced to the new Boxster. But, they had not yet lived the lifestyle.

The room in which the guests were seated suddenly plunged into darkness. Set to a massive soundtrack and light show, the walls around the guests began to lift, and we completely shifted their environmental reality, showing that they were actually inside a massive space: a box within a Box(ster). Around them on all sides was an immense physical installation: the lifestyle of the new Boxster, brought to life.

This physical installation was divided into day and night, and featured AR technology as well as unlockable content, accessible via iPad and Smartphones via QR codes.

Our experience led to overwhelmingly positive reviews from Media for the new Boxster, as well as the highest levels of participation and learning from the dealer audience in Porsche China’s 15 year history in country.

Most excitingly of all, sales of the new Boxster were 360% higher than projected by Porsche, with Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou leading the charge. Not by coincidence, these three cities also led consumers through our experience.

Password: jack - The Relaunch of an Online Retail Giant. is one of the world’s largest online shopping hubs, with over 70,000 brands stocked and over half a billion members worldwide. It’s the 13th most frequently visited website in China, and part of the enormous Alibaba group. 

In 2012, decided to reposition themselves in the online shopping marketplace as the exclusive home of premium brands. This was a huge shift for their business, and it included a complete rebranding.

Our challenge was to demonstrate its differentiation point as a legitimate and premium marketplace for authentic products.

We were tasked with rectifying’s brand image and philosophy in conjunction with its fourth anniversary, as well as to unveil its new logo. The creative strategy for the event also had to build customer confidence in online shopping with

Additionally, the CEO of issued us a verbal challenge:

Get 1.3 billion people consumers excited for the all-new, by doing something absolutely extraordinary.

The new offered an incredible new experience for online shoppers. But how to make this about more than just a new website? We need to immerse consumers in the all-new experience, which represented a monumental shift in the world of online shopping.

We did this by bringing the virtual world of tmall into the physical world of our consumers. We created an interactive installation for media and consumers to explore the virtual world of Somewhere for guests to actually walk into the future of e-shopping.

And we built it on an unprecedented scale. Two stories high, and built across 8 retail stores, and 8 consumer-inspired living spaces.

All furnished with products available on We not only built the world of, we equipped our audiences with the digital tools they needed to share the story through traditional, social and online media.

By bringing the digital world into the real world, we showed consumers that the all new was bigger and better than ever before, and committed to the highest quality brands and products. And these consumers shared the story for us: over and over and over again.

Our event video has been viewed over 25 million times on Youku. 30000 independent Weibo posts were registered. And we received coverage on 10 television stations, and over 50 newspapers Asia wide.

This project was awarded a 2012 International Business Award (Stevie) for Best Product/Brand Launch, as well as an Asia Marketing Award for Best Digital Integration.