​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

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Just buy a weasel and set it loose in your guts.
— Adam Charles’ solution to me asking what I could do if I gave up drinking, but still wanted to have a big night. He later admitted to not knowing what he meant by this, but having a drink with Adam is now referred to as ‘Teasing the Weasel’.

I walked off and refused to play the rest of the game. This was mostly out of protest but also because I didn’t trust myself to not attempt to kill everyone on the field.

I am definitely willing to acknowledge my penchant for blood after I have been wronged.
— Nic Kelly, who was actually the victim of a heinous floorball incident.

Speaking of segueing into talking about horses, my main beef with horses is how fragile they are. I’ve been watching a lot of Animal Cops: Houston lately, and what I’ve learned is that literally anything is a great reason to shoot a horse in the head. Oh, my horse fell down. It will never recover. Shoot it in the head. Oh, my horse is really hungry and it has a rash. Shoot it in the head. Oh, my horse got mud on it. Shoot it in the head. Great idea, humans-choose that fancy ladyboy animal made of spun sugar and cobwebs to do our strenuous physical labor. Horses. Jesus Christ. What a bullsh*t animal.
— Lindy West, from Deadspin I don’t normally quote things from the web, but this is brilliant.

Dan (Creative): C’mon, it’s only money.
Laura (Producer): It’s not ONLY money. It’s STILL money.
— Me and Laura Zhang articulately showcasing the differences in opinion between creative team members and production team members.

I know this is very mumish, but are you guys ok? Don’t fall off the wall.
— Kelly Charles, worrying about her (other) babies on Saturday night.

These are lozenges, not tablets. Have you just been swallowing them?
— Ma Ning, making me feel like a retard (in my defense, the packaging was all in Chinese)

Well, I understand that they are words…
— Ma Ning, when asked if she understood an indeterminably vague client brief.

We all have many decisions to make during our life and every decision we make is with good reason. Some may be regrettable; that’s life. We all learn from the past but we don’t live with the past.
— Andrew Cheng

[Bali] was great…until I got bitten by a monkey. That wasn’t great.
— Cecelia Xu

You look like Michael Jackson. But bald.
— Harmony Charles, to Adam Charles (Can you tell I’m all but living with the Charles’?)

I’ve become way less productive. You’re fucking up my life.

Adam Charles

(I was trying to help him do something THAT HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH ME. We have been laughing at this for 30 minutes now)