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Pop music for the win.

FUCK YOU TUMBLR. I just wrote a long, interesting article about pop music videos, and for some reason, fucking shitty Tumblr ate the whole thing.

So do yourself a favour, and watch the following three videos, which are all absolutely fucking amazing in their own way. I have a real soft spot for excellent pop music (hint: it’s my man-gina), and these three songs are catchy as hell. And the videos are all stunning.

Once again, FUCK YOU TUMBLR.

Rihanna - We Found Love

Beyonce - Countdown

Coldplay - Paradise

I love this band so so much. FUN FACT: the guitarist was my barista in Glebe for ages, and I used to often hum/sing Jezabels songs in his presence all the time, oblivous to the fact that he was, himself, a Jezabel. When I found this out, I moved to China to avoid any awkward conversations.

I admit to not having known this song by Bonnie Raitt until both Bon Iver and Adele covered it independently of one another. Now I cannot get it out of my head - contender for best/saddest pop song ever. Additionally, it really let’s them both show of their amazing voices.

Bon Iver: I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

Chatting to Nic and thinking of Em have made me listen to this song on repeat.

The Head and the Heart: Rivers and Roads

Fatboy Live At The Wall

Saturday night saw me and a few buddies head to a uniquely Chinese and completely awesome experience: an electronic music festival at the Great Wall, headlined by Fatboy Slim.

The experience was GOLDEN. After a super long bus ride, we arrived at Badaling and walked through beautiful bushland into the festival: 3 stages set amongst the wooden valleys under the wall. Highlights included the surroundings (a better space for a festival I cannot imagine), the DJ before Fatboy (who looked dangerously like Kim Jung Il) and then the man/boy himself.

Despite dodgy AV (which resulted in the sound snapping off a few times), he was great, finishing the night with a massive mashup of (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by the Stones and his own The Rockerfella Skank.

HUGE. Epic. Amazing. And truly an experience I will never forget.

Been a while since I posted a song…and this one is awesome. More goodness from Gambino.

Childish Gambino: Lights Turned On

My sister gave me this song. And it is so damn beautiful. Thanks sis.

Okkervil River: Mermaid

I love stuff like this.

Imagine you were at middle school. You’re practicing a big dance number for your upcoming school concert. It’s set to Beyonce’s ‘Let’s Move’.

Then Beyonce sneaks in, and starts dancing with you.

She is definitely the coolest pop star.

I still love this song: thank you Triple J Hottest 100 1997 (I think)

Bran Van 3000: Drinking In L.A.

This song was in Gasland, which I reviewed yesterday. Credit where credit is due: it is used perfectly, and makes the scene.

Radiohead: Four Minute Warning