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Entertaining Myself (Part Six).

Sit back, oh avid reader of DonkeyFire, and enjoy part six in my neverending musings on film, and the ways in which it entertains me: that is, through my ocular and aural cavities, feeding stimuli to my neural cortex which I then interpret and reguritate onto this blog in the form of poorly written reviews.

On the back of a crappy day, I really needed a good film. And boy did I get one: Hanna, the Joe Wright thriller from 2011 (Ed. Note: I won’t put any spoilers in, as there is a good chance this hasn’t come out in Australia yet. Thank god for pirated DVDs).

Hanna is a young girl, not more than 16 years old, who has been trained her entire life to become the perfect assassin by her father, Erik (played by Eric Bana), a former assassin himself. The mission she has been training for is to find and kill the woman who killed her mother,  Erik’s former CIA case runner Marissa (Cate Blanchett). However, there is more to the story, because Hanna is more than just an assassin.

I cannot stress how much I like this film. The cinematography is very European, and reminded me of a cross between the original Let the Right One In, and the latter Bourne films: fast moving and beautiful, but never flashy or hard to watch. However, the lighting and soundscape (composed by The Chemical Brothers) are the real highlights of this film: Hanna’s hyperrealised senses are brought to life in incredible ways, and you’ll be rewatching scenes again and again (one scene in particular show consistes of a seven minute continuous shot that culminates in an incredible fight: worth the price of admission alone).

The main characters are very compelling, but what makes the film so perfect are the details: the smaller parts are perfectly cast, and wonderfully deep characterisation is matched to great performance. Bana is back to being a total badarse, Blanchett is malice driven and Saoirse Ronan is spectacular as the bewildered yet quick-to-extreme-violence Hanna.

I honestly cannot recommend this film enough: equal parts cinematic triumph and fuck of good action film. Six ballpoint-pen-executions out of a possible six.