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An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

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Rebranding Beijing Tourism

There are many reasons to visit Beijing: for a start, I’m here (and would love to see you, internet), and on top of that: culture, smog, spitting, small-yet-calm dogs, fantastic nightlife, people playing tennis without a net, street pong and the second biggest Ikea in the world. But the real reason to come (and the new focus for my Beijing tourism proposal): breakfast street food.

Honestly, this is my favourite time of day to eat in Beijing. Imagine thin crepes with scrambled eggs cooked into them. Two types of mystery BBQ-meets-soy sauce. Fresh lettuce, herbs, seeds, chilli and spices. And then bacon. It comes in a number of forms, and they are all nutbustingly delicious. And it costs less than A$1 (although with the Aussie dollar where it is, most stuff around the world currently costs less than a buck).

Breakfast in Beijing is baller, ya’heard?  - this is my proposed tagline, targeting white and black visitors equally. Your move, China tourism: there’s gold in Them Hills (‘Them Hills’ being the name of my company, patent pending).

Dumplings save the day.

As I wrote about yesterday, a few factors combined to make for a pretty average day. But last night redeemed the day big time: the unlikely combination of Australian Youth Ambassadors, and ridiculous dumplings. A night of great folk and great food was just what was needed: a serious bucking up.

Thanks to all involved. Pfffft. Like they read my blog.