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Drinking in China: Welcome to the Minefield.

Two contrasting drinking experiences this weekend have taught me a valuable lesson about drinking in China. Vexingly, they have also taught me nothing. Read on!

Friday night involved cheap Russian beer, followed by cheaper Chinese beer. I didn’t actually have that many, but coupled with dry air and (too many) crappy Chinese cigarettes, I woke up on Saturday feeling like my brain got pack raped - I’m talking serious thumping inside the bonce.

Saturday night was a more dignified concern. Dinner at Din Tai Fung (the best dumplings bar none) with imported Japanese beer, followed by Coopers Greens (OMFG nothing beats the excitement of finding Australian beer ROFL ZOMG LOL) at a club. Saturday night saw far more consumed, yet no hangover on Sunday.

Turns out there is a shitload of fake alcohol in Beijing, and when you drink it, you get messed up. Sure, you still get drunk and have fun, but the next day - whammy, thanks for playing. It also turns out there is no real way to tell whether a place will be serving legit beers, or fakes.

So the lesson is…fuck. There is no lesson. Sometimes, you’ll just get a fucking terrible headache. Suck it up, princess. THIS. IS. CHINA!