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An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

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Current Low.

Damn it. It was all going so well on Friday. After work, a few beers and laughs at the Charles homestead had me riding high into the weekend. Unfortunately, come Sunday night, we’re scraping pretty close to rock bottom. Factors:

  • Weather: yesterday/last night was a filthy soup of humidity and pollution
  • Health: a (perceived) hangover Saturday has blown into a headache-y, stomach flu filled Sunday, complete with massive bouts of exhaustion and frequent trips to the john
  • Work: when I haven’t been throwing up or being asleep from throwing up, I’ve been working, which sucks because it’s a beautiful day today (Why couldn’t I have gotten sick on Saturday?)
  • Loneliness: 3 months in, and I’ve got some very close friends, but that hasn’t stopped me dramatically missing her, as well as my family

Hurumph. I need to get yanked from this funk. Work this week will be full on, and hopefully that will somehow help.

We’ll see.

These are lozenges, not tablets. Have you just been swallowing them?
— Ma Ning, making me feel like a retard (in my defense, the packaging was all in Chinese)

How to go broke in Beijing.

Simple: get sick and need furniture at the same time.

Today saw me spend a colossal amount of money: firstly, I had to head to SOS clinic (the international clinic) to get some antibiotics for a (now) diagnosed chest infection (apparently I can look forward to these pretty regularly over the next year).

Drugged up and feeling a little better, I then headed out to the second largest IKEA in the world. And shit me sideways, it did not disappoint: and by disappoint I mean ‘go easy on me in anyway’. Firstly, no one spoke a work of english (fair enough, I am in China). Secondly, every second Chinese person was there: it was like being in a slow moving queue to get into a rock concert, except without fun or cleanliness. And finally, I had to spend a shittonne of money just to get out of there alive.

Now a miracle is needed: please god, let it all get delivered tomorrow. This has been a bad China day, brought to you by the letter ‘F’ (as in ‘F’ me). Additionally I came home and Leno was on - god this guy sucks.