​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.


You immediately wonder what you are doing. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? How many times can you watch her walk away from you in an airport? Changi, Kingsford Smith, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Beijing International. Who does this? Who puts themselves through this?

You have the lifestyle you always wanted. You travel constantly. You know many cities inside and out. You can stay in nice places, drink in nice bars, wander hot streets through hot nights. And best of all, you have the girl you always wanted, who you never dreamt would actually exist. But still, it’s hilarious. You want something else.

You want a barbeque. You want a cold beer on a hot night, dressed in shorts with her hand in yours, talking to mates. You want a rainy night, with DVDs and home cooked cuisine. You want to wake up and do nothing; go to brekkie, casually wander, not have a plan, not have a deadline, not have a countdown.

You want life, but instead you have paradise in snippets. You realise that maybe it’s closer than you think, but if you hold on you can have it all.

You’ve never had four days you enjoyed so wholeheartedly. She makes you laugh more than anyone you know, and she makes you quiet and calm when the world thinks of you as noisy and active. She brings out the best.

You’re always reminded of the bakery story. You were told that on holidays as a child, you’d pull into a tiny country town and head to the bakery for a treat. After staring at the selection, you gaze up at a parent and ask ‘Is there another bakery?’ Decisions were never your thing.

Not any more. You don’t need another choice.

You DO need to stop saying goodbye in airports, though.