​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.


An exclusive post by LadyDonkeyFire (this name is not frattering).

After a huge week of changes at work and a big night out with friends and clients, I arrived home in the middle of the night and hastily packed a bag for our holiday. Somewhat affected by a dozen champagnes, I decided that Singapore is warm, and therefore I needed to pack only three dresses, and no other clothes. I then slept for about two hours before jolting awake and hastily scrambling to the airport in a burst of enthusiasm. I was there four hours early. Finally, my plane boarded and I collapsed, waking as we touched down in Singapore on a Friday afternoon.

Waiting for me at the other end was Danny, (HOLIDAY COMMENCES) and we made our way to the Wanderlust hotel. Sidebar - Definition: wan·der·lust (w n d r-l st ). n. A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. Seemed a bit suitable for us. The entire hotel is designed by curious and endearing concepts, with each room adopting a specific theme. We were staying in the Typewriter room. As we walked in, the double story hotel room was monopolised by a huge structure of a typewriter with letters that hung over us, suspended in the air. At the edge of the room was a wooden ladder, which we climbed up with our glasses of champagne to find a very cool, low slung loft bed.

Singapore gets a pretty bad rap for being boring. Perhaps it was the company, but I had the best time of my life. We found the coolest bars: the Spanish tapas bar at Duxon Hill and 28 Hong Kong St, which was completely concealed and found only by a friend’s recommendation so that when we pushed on an inconspicuous door it opened to a darkly lit, little bar, with a menu
of famous cocktails from the last century. We made friends with the bar owner, a hipster from Frisco who recommended the best rum for us to try and gave us cocktails made famous over the last century. Danny introduced himself as a Creative Director who is also ‘a semi professional high jumper’ (seriously considering going pro).

We also almost got killed by a rogue golf cart driver, who had never piloted anything, ever. He insisted on driving us to our room: reversing into everything, aiming for concrete and thoroughly targeting every stationary concrete plinth in the vicinity. It was roughly twenty metres to our room: it took roughly 20 minutes.

Other highlights: sneaking into the five star resort next to ours on Sentosa island, dipping into their pool and watching a very Asian wedding ceremony where the bride walked down the aisle to the Twilight soundtrack and where the little ring bearer boy ran away screaming and had to be carried back. HOT.

Also, Universal Studios was the coolest place ever and we conquered the two scariest roller coasters that plunged us deep into mist filled pits and threw us in every direction. Dan was a huge pussy. Mocking him made me feel better. Also, pointing at the five year old kid in the line next to us made him suck it up: big man. We also experienced the first ever 4D roller coaster - surprisingly awesome.

It was the best holiday ever (so far), with so much laughing, so many stupid jokes and banter, compounded by shitty goodbyes at the airport.