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An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

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REPORTING LIVE FROM THE PARK HYATT NINGBO, it’s a Tier Two Tour 2012 update!

Here we are, sportsfans, at the brand new, just opened, luxury resort and spa in the gorgeous city of Ningbo near Shanghai*. I sit in my room, overlooking my balcony which overlooks the gardens that border the lake (so much overlooking to be done). Speaking of Overlooking, we are the only people staying here: 4 people in 4 rooms, out of 226 rooms. Very ‘The Shining’.

We toured the hotel this morning, and I’ve sampled their cuisine and hospitality and I can declare this to be the 5-stariest hotel I’ve stayed at in China. It even has a 500 year old tea house they’ve converted into a bar: an obvious ploy to attract more Australians. IT’S WORKING.

Here are some jealousy inspiring images.

I do like me a mid-room bath.

Does YOUR bathroom have a double, sit down shower? Does YOUR bathroom double as a steam room?

Infinity pool overlooking lake: OVERLOOKING CONTINUES.

If your pool doesn’t have free hanging mega beds and a gong at each end, get fucked.

All hotels should have superfluous, ridiculously high, empty bird cages. Because STYLE.

No funny comments, just a nice garden.

*note, I have no idea what the city actually looks like as we are staying far from the city on a stunning lake. We drove through it last night, but I was asleep in the car.