‚ÄčAn Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

What to do when you don't drink.

I’m having an alcohol free day, and my mind is sweeping back to the heady days of Double Bay, when Nic and I decided an alcohol free week would be a good idea - hell, it might have even been a fortnight.

We were drinking pretty heavily, enjoying the freedom of living out of home for the first time and celebrating the fact with nightly drinking sessions. These were the final days of my real beer drinking, before I switched to low carb and Asian beer (which was far better for my system).

After a few days, I can vividly remember us both having withdrawals: not from the booze, but from the sugar in the booze. Each night, our bodies would crave sugar, and we started smashing bowls of ice cream, iceblocks and chocolate like it was going extinct. It was madness: we had directly traded one vice for another. I also recall cracking under the pressure at one point and purchasing alcohol free beer. DonkeyUrine.

I just took myself for a walk to buy an ice cream, and on the walk I realised I rarely feel like ice cream, and it was probably my body craving a sugar high. I guess some things never change. I should also probably be drinking a little less.