​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

The weekend gone.

Friday night was spent with a gorgeous pair of old mates from home in their lovely new apartment before moving to a local watering hole for pool and more beers. Laughter and a touch of home made for a wonderful (and much needed) evening.

Saturday, I spent a lot of times with a pair of hilarious children, who I was part time babysitting while their folks ventured to Shanghai. Went to a place called ‘FunDazzle’, the name of which I could never remember…names I came up with included ‘FunDizzle’, ‘Kiddiddlers’, ‘Funfingers’ and ‘Kidbangers’ (I probably shouldn’t be allowed to care for children).

Ate every type of junk/kid food…and discovered that my 27 year old knees are not up to the challenge of large scale plastic mazes. Got kicked out of a ballpit. Saw a Chinese kid spit in the ballpit, resisted urge to kill him, and then felt good I had been booted out. Saturday night made and consumed mulled wine, a new pastime up here.

Sunday went to an overcrowded school fair. Watched a children’s choir. Dunked a basketball and looked amazing to a bunch of old dads who couldn’t do it. FELT LIKE A GOD (on the kids ring). Ate an Oreo cupcake. Stopped both children from crying a couple of times. Felt good about that. A friend introduced children to the concept of wiggling your ears. SHATTERED THEIR TINY MINDS. Laughed as they attempted to wiggle their ears through a combination of concentration and jaw clenching.

Good times.