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An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Entertaining Myself (Part Eight)

Ahhh, the return of a classic. Having sensed the communal disgust amongst my readers at the long and unjust absence of this much loved serial, I have used this cold November night to resurrect the wonder that is ‘Entertaining Myself’. So strap in pilgrims, and prepare your ocular cavities and their fillings for some delicious word structures.

Tonight’s main course: ‘50/50’, the based-on-fact story of a healthy 27 year old who is diagnosed with a rare, genetic form of spinal cancer that has a 50% survival rate. The main character is played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, who goes through this ordeal with the support (and at times, hindrance) of his best friend, played by Seth Rogan (ASIDE: Rogan’s real life best friend was the screenwriter who actually lived with this terrible illness; Rogan convinced him to write the screenplay, and then passionately produced the picture).

Levitt’s character has to deal with not only the cancer, but a girlfriend who cheats on him (charmer), the aforementioned foul mouthed best friend, an overbearing mother, a father with Alzheimers, as well as the affection he develops for his therapist, the oddly attractive Anna Kendrick (ASIDE: why is she hot? I can’t figure it out. There is exactly no reason why she should be hot. Is she? I don’t even know).

I won’t spoil the ending (mainly because I’m writing this review having not finished the film: PROFESSIONAL), but I did tear up as Levitt’s character realizes the magnitude of his situation just as he is being prepared for surgery. Levitt is consistently fantastic, and this film really shows his chops - Seth Rogan is also good, playing himself (as usual).

Also, the film has Bryce Dallas Howard in it: a woman that proves that see through white skin, red hair and a dad that played Potsy on Happy Days don’t have to prevent you from being insanely gorgeous: an inspiration to gingers everywhere. I would kiss the teeth of a nude Chinese hobo just to get a chance to smell her hair.

4 out of 5 engorged spinal tumors.