​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace.

Broadly speaking, people give millennials too much shit. They get clumped together by marketers into a giant, grey blob: an immense, faceless and feckless mob with high spending power, and zero nuance. Then, whenever the discussion turns to 'millennials in the workplace', the shit gets heaped on thicker and faster: too lazy, too entitled, too privileged. 

This interview with Simon Sinek speaks to why this belief exists, and the truth (and bullshit) that lies beneath it.

Few takeaways from me.

  1. Despite at times coming off smug or condescending, Sinek is a brilliant and passionate speaker.
  2. I'm glad I am on the cusp of being a millennial (by Sinek's grouping, being born in 1984 puts me into the millennial camp, but at the very beginning). A lot of what he talks about isn't 100% relevant to me, or even people my sisters age (1987), specifically the parts about growing up with social media and mobile devices. I didn't have a phone until i was 16, and apart from ICQ, social didn't really become a thing until late high school/university.
  3. Toward the end of the film, he talks about the problems with short term thinking. I actually think this attitude is poisoning not just this generation, but everyone alive today, across almost every sphere: politics, environmental protection, social media, film making, advertising...the list goes on.

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