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An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Honda Civic Type R - The Best Idea I've Seen This Year.

The Honda Civic Type R is a favourite amongst gear heads: a tight, powerful little pocket rocket. Unfortunately, in recent years, it has lost some of it's grunt and gotten a little chubby...until now. Honda claims that the new Type R will be their most hardcore performance car ever, which is awesome news for fans of hot hatches.

To announce this little beast, Honda has released an awesome YouTube video, that's actually two in one. The first story shows the Civic as a day to day drive, while the second shows the Type R being used in a daring robbery. What makes it amazing is that the viewer can switch between the two videos at any time by pressing 'R' on their keyboard, a neat trick made even more impressive by the staggering cinematography and the incredibly interconnected stories that end with a brilliant twist.

For me, this is the video of the year so far; hopefully it expands into a larger campaign. The video is not embeddable, so head here to check it out.