​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

This Is Why I Love China.

So for those who follow Scrambler, my mood is pretty easy to chart: happy Scrambler = happy posts, cranky Scrambler = cranky posts. And for the most part, times of late have been house, lots of travel, interesting work stuff. But yesterday, things went into OVERDRIVE with the most China-y day possible: a day that could only exist in this place.

Some close mates are moving back home, and as such we are embroiled in an extended round of goodbyes. We've had a two day public holiday in China, and a week or so ago, the boys decided a golf day was in order. Well, the weather kyboshed that, so as we sat having dinner on Thursday night, we began to contemplate just what we could be doing on Friday. And then someone mentioned Stampede, and life was never the same again.

In a nutshell, Stampede is a nightclub that features Asia's largest indoor go karting track. For the princely sum of about $A30, you get all you can drink beer, and then a 7 minute romp in a gas powered, slip and slide, full-on go kart. Let this sink in for a moment: YOU GET HAMMERED, PLONK ON A HELMET (OPTIONAL), THEN PILOT A GO KART AT HIGH SPEED AROUND AN UNDERGROUND CARPARK.

Oh, and to spice things up, you also get to put on cartoon character onesies. Yuh.

Anywho, we arrive in a dark, smelly Chinese nightclub (the whole place REEKED of petrol), and started playing dice games: at first, these games SUCKED, but the more we drank, the more hilarious they became. After 4 or so beers, we decided it was TRACK TIME. So we walked downstairs, put on the onesies and off we went. Safety? What??? DOES NOT COMPUTE. It was completely fucking insane, and awesome. We then proceeded to smash more beers, before having the sloppiest race of all time.

Seriously, where else in the world could such a nirvana exist? Gotta love this country.

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