​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Some Random Thoughts on the Way Back Home.

Here, in no particular order, are some observations about the Deep South.

·      No one knows how to use inverted commas. Everything “is” randomly assigned this “mysterious” symbol. Mostly, it makes things sound sarcastic: “Free” Internet, “The Best” Fried Tamales, Do “not” break the ice on the floor. 

·      Dry counties suck. They loom out of nowhere and suddenly you can’t buy beer.  These areas should be signposted a hundred miles out, and avoided like polio.

·      Stuff is FARKING CHEAP. A huge meal, beers, clothing, petrol, everything. As such, I am fatter, with a worsened liver and heavier luggage (because I’m brining sooooo much petrol back).

·      Live music is better in the south: jazz, blues, rock, whatever: all was excellent.

·      It never gets old to sit through a whole meal talking in South African accents, especially when the waiter asks if you can understand him (despite talking in English for ¾ of the meal at that point).

·      Elvis was a boss interior decorator.

·      Austin & New Orleans are two of the most awesome places I have ever been. I would happily move to either location.

I am really, really going to miss my buddies. And I'm really going to miss the south. What a holiday.