‚ÄčAn Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

You Saucy Bitch.

I return, and my god, you look incredible. I've been avoiding keeping tabs, I've been careful to cut ties - I don't want to lull in the past. Sure, I've heard things, but by and large, I've been keeping distracted, and making sure I don't look at what you're up to. You've moved on without me, you've stayed happy - it's as if I never left, or even arrived. And I understand - of course I do - I left, you stayed, it's that old chestnut.

But seriously, you really turned it on. You looked SPECTACULAR. I felt all the feelings I loved, but I romanticised it as well - I know we had a lot of bad times, but all was forgiven in the face of such overwhelming beauty. There was none of the ugliness, none of the unpleasantness - just a gorgeous sight to see, and a feeling that wasn't too far from feeling home.

I'm still wondering what Shanghai will turn out to be, but heading back to Beijing on two of the best days they've had in the last two years was a strange and wonderful experience. I think I actually miss it.