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An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Chinese Thing I've Noticed #131 - Weight Comments.

I am a man of six feet, in that between my hair and my heels there is roughly 182 centimetres of human. And in the last few weeks, I've lost weight - quite a bit in fact. There are a number of factors: it's hot as hell, I exercise all the time, I've been stressed out, I've had some other personal stuff, and I have had a serious bout of the flu. I still eat normally, I still drink normally, nothing sinister at play (unless...tapeworm? Argh!).

In 2007, I weighed 91 kilos: I was quite the experienced beer drinker and all around fat man on campus. Except campus life was over, and I decided to get trim FOR THE LADIES. Also, because I figured it was probably good for me as well. But mostly THE LADIES. So I did - I worked my arse off, changed eating habits, and generally got a bit healthier. Then I moved to China, knew no one, had nothing to do except work, became an exercise nutjob, and since then, I've lived at the 76 kilo mark: healthy, slim, but not taking it all too seriously.

Anywho, now I'm at 70 kilos. I admit, it's a little light, and it's mainly due to the dozen or so litres of sweat I've lost with this rager of a flu.

But I tell you what: Chinese coworkers have been VICIOUS with their weight commentary. "You look too skinny. Not good. Not healthy. YOU DON'T LOOK GOOD." Please note: these are the same coworkers who commented "WOW - YOU GOT SO FAT!" after I returned from a holiday. There is no shame talking about weight, it's just a straight up statement of fact. I find it shocking, and then amusing. But at first, it's a massive, massive whack across the bonce.

Lesson? Think twice about changing weight in China. It's BRUTAL.