​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Reflections on Another Trip Home.

10:07am, Bambini Wine Room, T1, Sydney Airport, coffee pending. Heading back to Shanghai. Where's my coffee? "It's been made, but it wasn't delivered." Interesting. You can find a hidden meaning in any phrase if you are in the right mood.

This trip made me notice that everyone is older. Sure, I've got my birthday in a few days, so perhaps I'm a little more sensitive to the passing of time. Also, THIS IS THE MOST OBVIOUS THING EVER. But seriously guys, slow the fuck down. What's the hurry? Give me time to catch back up! I'd really like to stay in my early twenties forever. But: unrikery. Damn it. I'm almost out of twenties. I've done some stuff, but I'd be interested in doing more stuff. BOLD CLAIMS. Hold the babies, fuck this, let's dance.

OK, so I broke my foot. That bit sucked. But the drinks with friends tended to numb it down, and there was no way I wasn't walking to the next bar. Or the next one. SLOW DOWN GUYS, I'M HOBBLED. Thanks, that's better. Now we're all at the same pace. Plus I'm way into exercise bikes and ergometers now. RUNNING IS SO LAST YEAR ANYWAY.

I've spent waaaaay too much of my life keeping track of the pace. FUCK IT. I'm at my speed, others are at theirs. I like some of what they have, they probably dig some of the things I've done. It was nice seeing that it really doesn't matter, we'll all end up somewhere together in the end. Even if that means living OS for while longer. Or coming back. Who knows? This adventure can end, and another one can take place at a later date. Nice to know that. I certainly don't excel at sitting still.

Leaving Sydney is hard, always is. But this time I leave with a lightness, a refreshed outlook, and an excitement to rip back into Shanghai. I've got some time to figure out the next step: right now, I need to rest up, and get back on pace.

Unrelated, but awesome. FIND THE MEANING.

Unrelated, but awesome. FIND THE MEANING.