‚ÄčAn Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Killing It at Colo River.

After a fast arrival into Sydney, I was soon off to the Colo River paradise with my copilot Tom. Awaiting us was a weekend of river swims, kick arounds, bonfires and boardgames, interlaced heavily with drinking and laughing. As we hit the dirt road that takes us the final 6 kilometres, out came the Cafe Patron - the weekend had begun.

Friday night was a filled with arrivals, but dominated by a significant departure: the death of a medium sized snake. Spotted at around 10pm, we tried to do all the right things: we called vets, we called WIRES, we loudly debated what to do for quite some time, but to no avail. It became him or us, and I dispatched him with a cricket bat. Vale, cabin snake.

The next two days were near perfect facsimiles of one another: wake up, river swim, huge BBQ breakfast feast, laze around, [insert holiday activity here], light fire, retire to fire gaze. I also ran about 25 kilometres, through perfect bush land that followed the river. Beats the shit out of a treadmill in Shanghai.

 There were key differences, though. We played a huge game of poker at one point, and Nic delicately (and perfectly) spit roasted what was most of a lamb. We listened to a couple of grand finals on the radio, and enjoyed a delicious selection of ales (which are all the rage now, it seems). The sun barely stopped shining, and the conversation never dried up.

 So yeah, pretty much the perfect weekend.