​An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life in America. Live from New York.

An Australian Creative Director and Strategist fumbles through life New York City.

Anyone for Tennis?

I woke up yesterday morning to great news: free tickets to the final of the Shanghai Rolex Masters! A quick Google search alerted me to the mouth-watering participants: Murray versus Djokovic. I immediately invited a British mate, in order to spend the day baiting someone about Murray.

It took fucking AGES to get to the tennis centre, but it was worth it. Qizhong Arena is a spectacular centre court, seating 15,000 people in a circular structure, with a massive roof made of 8 moving sections in case of rain. It's incredible, and inspired by a magnolia flower - luckily we had perfect weather, and spent the afternoon lazily watching the doubles final and basking in the sun.

Being China, there was wackiness. The mens doubles final had some weird deuce rule - at 40 all, they simply played a winner takes all point. And for the final set, they announced they were running late and instead of a regulation set, they'd play a first to 10 tiebreak. They seemed to make this rule up on the fly - hilarious.

After a wander, we sat down at sunset for the final - and boy howdy was it good. Murray took the first set before eventually giving up 5 match points to lose the second in a 25 minute tiebreak (REDONK). Djokovic, back from the dead - then calmly took the third. Highlights included:

  • Through the legs shots a plenty - including a ridiculous winner down the line
  • Murray proving himself to be INSANE - he extensively talks, shouts, berates, coddles and chastises himself, oblivious that to everyone else, he seems fucking crazy
  • RACQUET SMASH - Djokovic was broken, and LOST HIS BANANAS, shattered a racquet into a million bits. This was the whole reason I went.
  • The hilarious American couple sitting next to us, who along with me encouraged both players to smash their racquets with every unforced error. We also concluded that Andy Murray looks like a stoner who'd be better at Xbox than tennis - and boy, did Murray dress badly.

Top notch day.